Silver Wings Tryouts 2019

Congrats 2019-2020 Silver Wing Rookies: If you made the team, see the message below:























*Everything happens for a reason*

You may officially call yourself a Silver Wing. Congrats and if you can – come to our officer/social officer reveal tomorrow night at 8:15pm in our gym. Our new rookies will be introduced. Also – I will see you Monday, March 25th in a solid white shirt, NICE jeans, (no holes) & pretty hair, ready to take a team picture, chat, and kick off your first fundraiser “Silver Wing Salsa”!!

Silver Wings Tryouts – March 18-21, 2019 Important Silver Wing Audition Dates: Monday, March 18th – 4:45 – 6:45PM – Workshop I in HHS 3rd Gym Tuesday, March 19th – 4:45 – 6:45PM – Workshop II in HHS 3rd Gym Wednesday, March 20th – 4:45 – 6:45 PM – Mock Audition in HHS 3rd Gym Thursday, March 21st – 5:00 – 8:00 PM – Line Tryouts in HHS 3rd Gym (Results posted on our website that evening) Friday, March 22nd – 8:30pm (Arrive by 8:00pm) – Reveal new dance officers and introduce New Rookies! HHS 3rd Gym Audition Music: Came Here for Love Workshops: (March 18th-20th) 1. Only the students auditioning for Silver Wings will be admitted to the workshops. All workshops and auditions are closed to the public. 2. All workshops will begin promptly at 4:45pm – PLEASE be on time. 3. Candidates must wear a fitted tank top, dance pants/capris/leggings (any colors allowed) during workshops. Foot-paws /lyrical shoes or jazz shoes must be worn at all times. Tennis shoes are not allowed. NO SHORTS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED! 4. Hair must be in a ponytail. Pulled back out of face (No bangs allowed!) 5. No gum is allowed and ALL jewelry must be removed before the workshop begins. 6. Food and drink are not allowed in the gym. (However, a closed top water bottle is permitted) 7. No nail polish is allowed on tryout day. (French Tip and Pale pink are allowed) Auditions: (Thursday, March 21st ) 1. Only those students auditioning for Silver Wings will be allowed into the gym area, along with any current senior Silver Wings and/or current managers who are assisting. 2. All candidates will have an individual number and a group number assigned to them. Each group will consist of 3-4 dancers. Judges know the candidates ONLY by number – no names are used. 3. Candidates should wear appropriate drill team make-up: neutral color eye-shadows, blush, red lipstick, black mascara/eyeliner. 4. No jewelry is allowed (including stud earrings/cartilage) and hair must be in a ponytail. No ribbons or scrunchies are allowed in your ponytail. 5. Candidates must wear the following items for auditions: • Solid black fitted tank top (no spaghetti straps/halter tops/no t-shirts) • Solid black sports bra • Solid black tight fitted pants/capris/leggings (NO SHORTS) • Plain skin colored foot-paws or jazz shoes. (Any brand is fine, no rhinestones or prints) Black/tan jazz shoes are fine- just know that it’s slippery in the gym. Foot-paws are required on Silver Wings if you make the team. 6. The judges only know each candidate by number – NO NAMES WILL BE USED. 7. Each candidate must remain at the audition site until the director dismisses the candidates in the event that callbacks are necessary. 8. Results will be posted late on Thursday, March 21st on the Silver Wing website. (details on where to find this on the actual website will come during tryout week). ONLY numbers will be posted and in numerical order. GOOD LUCK!
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West Coast Elite 2017

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West Coast Elite 2017

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